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1603 N Belt, Spokane WA 99205      509-326-9540

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Our Mission Statement 

The West Central Community Center has been established to provide social, health, recreation & education services to the community to help improve the quality of life for it's families.

The mission of the West Central Community Development Association (WCCDA) is to facilitate social and economic revitalization through the provision of programs and services to address the needs of low to moderate income people in the neighborhoods within our service area.

This is accomplished through programs in the areas of child care, nutrition services, and women's health services, emergency energy assistance, education services, recreation, cultural and leisure services and youth development programs, special services for the disabled population.


West Central Community Center Executive Director, Kim Ferraro.

The Board of Directors of the WCCDA is responsible for the operation of the Community Center and its programs. The Board meets monthly to volunteer their time and talents to the Center. The composition of the board is predominately neighborhood based, with specific representation from the community development neighborhoods appointed by the West Central Board.

The Current Board of Directors Active Roster:

     Victor Frazier -  President 
                Andy Rathbun  - Vice-President
                     Ben Gagne - Treasurer                     
Gary Miller  -  Secretary
Crissy Anderson, James Bannister, Tim Burns, Charly Collins, Casey Fielder, Nancy Holmes,
Edith Huey, Laurine Jue, Don Kelly, Joe Letourneau, Tom McGarry, Sandra Nokes, Matt Ries,
Dave Shaw and Bonnie Tapscott.  
Mandatory Policy & Procedures for Reporting Allocations of Fraud and or Abuse.
WCCDA ensures it will treat all reports of Fraud and Abuse as confidential to the greatest extent possible and prohibits any form of retaliation against any employee or agent for filing a bona fide report made in good faith.
Examples of Fiscal Fraud or Abuse:

Billing for services that were not provided, not necessary, intentionally applying for duplicate payment, misrepresentation of services or billing for non-covered services.

Examples of Behavioral Abuse:

Evidence of physical harm/injury to client enrolled in or attending West Central Community Center programs or obvious nutritional deficiencies.

Reporting Fraud and Abuse:
Reporting should be directed to the Compliance Officer, Kim Ferraro, 323-7480 or may also be made anonymously to the Office of the Inspector General 1-800-447-8477 or to the Washington State Auditor's hotline 1-866-902-3900.