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Women, Infants and Children's Program (WIC)  

(509) 323-7497  A supplemental food program for eligible pregnant and breast feeding women, infants and children.  Eligibility is determined by income, medical guidelines and nutritional assessment.  The program objective is to provide supplemental foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and nutrition education.

Head Start/Early Head Start  

(509) 279-6340  West Central Community Center provides Head Start full-day services for children of the community.  This is a state licensed center serving infants, toddlers and preschool children.

Deaconess Women's Clinic  

(509) 473-7060 Women's health care services including comprehensive nurse/midwife maternity/prenatal care, nutrition and childbirth  classes.  The clinic is a First Steps provider and offers all First Steps programs; prenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, home health visits, transportation, case management, nutrition counseling and childbirth education.  Referrals are made for high-risk patients.  Support groups available.


(509)323-7501  Offers a wide variety of activities and programs for all ages.  Activities and events are scheduled in the area of sports, recreation, cultural enrichment, and self-improvement.  Before and After School Program - This program serves children ages 5 to 12 from area elementary schools on a sliding fee scale.  Activities include organized games, sports, arts and crafts, movies, special events, guest speakers, field trips and more.  A free pickup and drop off service for Holmes and Audubon elementary schools is available with signed permission slip.  The program runs Monday through Friday 6:30-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m.  Snacks are provided.  Summer Day Camp - This program serves children ages 5 to 12 with organized games, sports, swimming, arts and crafts, movies, special events, guest speakers, field trips and more.  This is a summer program beginning the third week in June and continuing into the fourth week of August with hours of 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.  Clubs and Classes - Opportunities are available for participation in the following clubs and classes; Badminton-pickle ball, Sports Skills Development, Jazz Dance, Girl Scouts, Zumba, Teen Program, Wrestling and Karate.  There is a minimal fee for participation.  For more information call Rick at 323-7501.  Summer Teen Night - program with open gym, in partnership with Spokane Parks and Recreation Department and the City of Spokane.  Special Events - WCCC recreation department sponsors a  variety of special events throughout the year such as the  Neighbor Day Festival, Halloween party, Winter Festival and more. 

Learning Skills Center 

(509)323-7517 or 323-7518  This program is for persons of disability.  This program provides educational classes, prevocational training, recreational opportunities, skill building, friendship building, communication skills, community tours and integration, advocacy, family opportunities and counseling services.  This is a structured program with pre-planned monthly activities.  The program is a a private, fees-for-services program and enrollment is required.  The program is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday with special activities in evenings and weekends.  Attendance can be flexible and designed to accommodate the student's needs and schedules.

Community Access Pathways to Employment Programs                                         

(509) 323-7517 or 323-7518  The Community Access Programs provide prevocational training and vocational opportunities for disabled adults with emphasis on developing individual interests, decision making, communication skills, self-confidence, establishing friendships and increasing skills for community integration.

Community News                                                                               

(509) 323-7487 Monthly publication promoting Center services; programs and activities; featuring neighborhoods; announcing community activities and services; serving as a communication link with City government.

Special Services/Programs                                                             

(509) 326-9540  The Center provides special services and programs in partnership with other groups and agencies that will benefit the community.  This includes Coats 4 Kids, Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media, West Central Neighborhood Coalition and Neighborhood Education Team, Neighbor Day Festival, Winter Festival, ABC Children's Dental and more.

Community Outreach/Networking                                                                 

(509) 326-9540  One of the important functions of a community center is its work with other community services and organizations to facilitate, develop and coordinate services in our community.  Current participation includes; Our Place, Special Olympics, Spokane Parks and Recreation Department, Spokane Community Colleges, Institute for Extended Learning, Emerson-Garfield, West Central and Northwest neighborhood councils, area churches, COPS West, Northwest and North Central, AARP, West Central Neighborhood Coalition and Neighborhood Education Team, Spokane School District, Spokane Community Housing Association, Christ Clinic, SNAP, Health Improvement Partnership, Communities That Care, Catholic Charities, Youth Gang Drug Prevention Project, Chamber of Commerce, Career Path Services, RSVP, NATIVE Project, Goodwill Industries, City of Spokane Office of Neighborhood Services, Spokane Community Centers, Spokane Neighborhood Economic Development Alliance, Health Services Network and more.